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Proven Routines for Becoming a Better Coaching Leader

This book is about you becoming a better coaching leader by practicing specific routines in your work.


  • If you’re not coaching yet, this book will help you get started and will show you how to keep getting better at it.

  • If you have already committed to coaching your team, the story is packed with strategies that strengthen what you already do and take it to the next level.


This book expands your toolkit as a manager by illustrating a specific kind of management that builds powerful scientific thinking skills in any team, which can be directed toward any goal.


If you’re a manager you’ll identify with how the team in this story goes beyond general preaching about best practices, to practicing how to get to where they want to be.

If you’re a Lean practitioner frustrated with applying tools with a limited half-life, you’ll learn how to develop people so they can achieve their most important goals and keep going.


And if you’re already a Toyota Kata practitioner, well ... you will love this book!


We hope you'll enjoy Denise’s and Goldberg’s journey. Our goal was to write a story that would captivate you, but, of course, there is a message: We firmly believe that you and your team can also achieve what Denise and her colleagues at Goldberg set out to accomplish, whatever industry you work in and whatever your particular goals may be.

By practicing and coaching scientific thinking skills, we believe that people can outperform the expected and any challenge can be overcome.

Tilo Schwarz & Jeffrey K. Liker


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73035 Göppingen


+49 176 31494687


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