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Kata in Crisis

How to lead in chaotic times and help your team to navigate unknown territory.

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Succeed Today - Win Tomorrow

Have a Clear Direction

Empower Your Team

Move Fast and Succeed

Good leadership shows in crisis. Our partners, teams, and communities need us as leaders and coaches right now more than ever. To live up to our role, we have to resist the temptation to react franticly. Instead, we should stay calm and apply and foster a scientific way of thinking.

Why start that right now? We have been talking about the world becoming more volatile and unpredictable for years; that we have to become more adaptive, agile and innovative. The current crisis is not a one-time exception, but an extreme expression of the already existing trend that our world is becoming more complex and unpredictable.


If we practice and establish a scientific step-by-step approach in our organizations right now, we win twofold. 


We can master the crisis AND we develop in our teams, in our organizations, the creativity, and adaptiveness that are necessary for the complex world of the 21st century, today and tomorrow. That is responsible and foresightful leadership.

In a crisis, we want to be at our best as a leader and a coach

As plant manager at a German power-tool manufacturer, Tilo Schwarz and his management team successfully navigated the crisis of 2007/2008.

They used Toyota Kata practice routines to coach and empower their teams to adapt and innovate quickly.

This lead to winning the 2008 A.T. Kearny manufacturing award "Factory of the Year“ and receiving the second place in the WHU/INSEAD Industrial Excellence Award in 2011.

The COVID-19 situation confronts all of us with new and tremendous challenges. We all understand that we need to be adaptive at high speed. That is exactly what the Toyota Kata practice routines aim for. Learn how to benefit from these proven patterns right now and in the longer term.


If you already practice Toyota Kata learn how to draw on the skills you and your team have developed and how to apply them right now.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to be grounded and calm as a leader

  • How to have a clear focus despite the chaos

  • How to align efforts throughout your team

  • How to communicate fast and effectively

  • How to empower your team through coaching

Kata in Crisis:
Enable your team to navigate through uncertainty with Toyota Kata.


Succeed Today  -  Win Tomorrow



Online Learning Group

This online course is designed to introduce and establish the Kata practice routines discussed in our Webinar over a several week engagement with one of Kata’s top Coaches, Tilo Schwarz. You and your team can thrive in these times, and we'll support you to through.

This course will not only help you to get started but also help you to adapt the practices to your specific situation

In addition, you will engage with your peer group and learn from their experiences.

Choose from 3 options, that both include a 4-week, live online learning engagement with Tilo and 7 of your peers. The 2nd option includes 4 additional follow-up and coaching sessions to accelerate your and your team's ability to adapt and navigate unknown territory and reach challenging targets. The 3rd option includes all of option two but allows you to get this unique learning opportunity exclusively for your team.





Your guideline for

leading in crisis.


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Online Event


Are you interested in increasing your teams  creativity & adaptiveness?

Practicing Toyota Kata develops scientific thinking and an agile step-by-step approach that helps you and your team to navigate unknown territory and reach challenging goals.

Want to learn more about Toyota Kata ?

This 2.5 hour session could be for you. Grab a seat and get a hands on first experience

When: May 14th, 2020



Online Network


The Kata in Crisis Network is a direct follow-up to the recent webinar, and allows organisations utilising Kata to support their recovery efforts in the current Covid-19 crisis, to gain access to further coaching, guidance and support from expert Kata Coaches.

Supporting your use of Kata in this Time of Crisis, we are able to offer you a 6-week support forum for questions, answers, tips, knacks and guidance on how to benefit the most from practicing Toyota Kata right now.

Starts: May 5th, 2020


Coaching Dojo

Online Training


The Kata Coaching Dojo is a training setup that offers a deliberate way to develop great coaching skill and improve the ability of established coaches


It allows coaches to practice specific situations and responses in role-playing, providing more frequent guided coaching practice then would occur in daily work life.

Use the times right now to hone your coaching skills in a fully interactive online version of the Kata Coaching Dojo.

Starts: May 6th, 2020 



Online Training

  • 4 Weeks

  • 4 Online Sessions at 90 min.

  • Training, Q&A, Peer Learning

  • Training groups limited to 8 participants



Online Training



  • 4 Weeks

  • 4 Online Sessions at 90 min.

  • Training, Q&A, Peer Learning

  • 2 Month Accelerator

  • 4 Online Sessions at 60 min.

  • Training & Coaching

  • Training groups limited to 8 participants



Exclusive Training

for Your Team

  • 4 Weeks

  • 4 Online Sessions at 90 min.

  • Training, Q&A, Peer Learning

  • 2 Month Accelerator

  • 4 Online Sessions at 60 min.

  • Training & Coaching

  • Training groups limited to 8 participants


Next Training Group Starts: MAY 12th, 11:00AM EDT

Next Training Group Starts: MAY 12th, 11:00AM EDT

Adapt to your needs.

Start any time.

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